Mike Aitken/ Posh Poster

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I can write pages on Mike Aitken and the influence he's had on BMX as a whole. But I'm sure you already know. This limited-run poster was shot while Mikey was filming his epic section for Stew Johnson classic “Anthem II.” I can also go on and on about how he was casually and absolutely murdering everything he rode there. It’s quite an understatement to say it was a treat seeing him ride Posh in person, as he was going three feet higher than anyone else over everything his two wheels touched, and nonchalantly doing some transfers that people had talked about for years. Mikey was on another level, literally and figuratively.
This photo ran in DIG Issue #80 Anthem II article in 2010, and last winter someone posted it on Instagram. Joe Rich commented that a poster should be made of it. I had to make it a reality, even if it took a few months longer than expected. When Joe Rich says you should do something, well... you do it, plain and simple.

Majority of the sales proceeds go to Posh/ Catty Woods' insurance costs.

SIZE: 16" X 24"